Some problems v2

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Some problems v2 Empty Some problems v2

Post by dQQb on Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:50 am


Since u locked my first topic, i made second one.

Why I created 2nd one, I don't see changes...

1. When will balanace camels ? This normal ?
Some problems v2 Down.php?i=rxghasc&n=Shot00012

2. Why max speed so big ?????
# Maximum character running speed.
# Default: 300
MaxRunSpeed = 300
3. Change debuff land rate, 2 hits on SPHand i get huricane armor, all pro now have skills on cost, no need chance, coz 1/5 is success
# Minimum and maximum debuff land rate by default.
# This will affect all skills except those with min and max chance defined in the skills XML
# Default: 10% for min, 90% for max.
MinDebuffChance = 5
MaxDebuffChance = 35
4. In PVP 2, up on death, to remove debuffs, not nice, that u get fear, killed, and spawn, and again run with fear

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Some problems v2 Empty Wooooo Duelist Bugg!!!

Post by Takeshy on Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:48 am

Yeah.. maybe The staff is working in this problem.. because ur character is really good, he have Nice status...

Game masterd need to fixed.

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