The True Story About L2Junkies

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The True Story About L2Junkies Empty Re: The True Story About L2Junkies

Post by [DEV]Arawn on Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:14 pm

Yes I agree Razz  better start off on the right foot than trip and

rain down wipes and server serious problems affraid .

That is why me and MasterDev Cool  are working day and night to get the

server without bugs and fully functional. cheers

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The True Story About L2Junkies Empty The True Story About L2Junkies

Post by Kron on Sat Aug 17, 2013 12:04 am

hello every one im sure ur all wondering what happened with L2Junkies so here it is.... myself and nova purchased the server from junkie as day's went on and more days went on
that junkie did not log to send us all the information that was needed to run the server correctly for example
all host information, website host information then he decides to not give us the info take our admin rights and try to keep the money...
so we make this server...
as gms on L2junkies we found many things wrong with gm. corruption
people have +22 items
tattoos that no one els could obtain that +1 every stat
extra passive skills on chars for more defense and patck and so on so forth
the reason it's taking so long to open l2somination
we want a good server
trying to minimize all bugs
trying to make farm easy for u so u can enjoy more pvp
custom raid bosses
just plane out a better place for u guys to play
I am truly truly from the buttom of my heart and my fellow gms aswell sorry for taking longer then expected
but in the long run the server will be better Smile

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