New Donate Prices. (Light)

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New Donate Prices. (Light) Empty New Donate Prices. (Light)

Post by Kron on Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:22 pm

Donate List:

  • Donation Coin x2
    <1 Euro>       [Pay Pal]

  • Domination Weapon/Shirt/Belt/Armor/Jewels  +18
    <50 Euro>       [Pay Pal]

  • Domination Weapon +18
    <15 Euro>      [Pay Pal]

  • Armor set +18
    <20 Euro>      [Pay Pal]

  • Improved Boss Jewel set +18
    <20 Euro>      [Pay Pal]

  • Change Main Class
    <5 Euro>      [Pay Pal]

  • Change Name
    <5 Euro>    [Pay Pal]

  • Clan Hall with NPC
    <15 Euro>    [Pay Pal]

  • Golden Apiga (Hero 4 Ever)
    <60 Euro> [Pay Pal]

Please include with your Donation to Paypal
1:Name of in game Character
2:Amount of your donation
3:The items that you are donating for


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